Sunday, February 24, 2008

Addie has a secret...

Yes it is true, we are very excited to announce that Addie is going to be a big sister. I had my first Doctors appointment a few weeks ago. I am 12 weeks along and my due date is September 9th. Tim and I are very excited and we know Addison is going to be a such a great big sis.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Two Sweet Valentines!!

February is flying by and I feel like I haven't blogged all month. I was going to post these pictures last week on Valentine's Day but when Tim and I got home from dinner that night, that's when the flu happened. It's true I, Kim Shirley, got sick. Most of you that know me, know that I rarley get sick. I honestly don't know when the last time was that I felt that awful. My throat killed, I had gone to the doctor hoping that maybe it was strep and the doctor could give me an antibiotic, but the test came back negative. After a long long weekend I finally started to feel better on Monday. I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day, and I have to thank my wonderful husband for taking such great care of me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Fun Filled Weekend

Tim's sister, Keri Beth, and her family came down and stayed the weekend with us. We had such a blast hanging out with all of them. Addison especially loved having her cousins around to play with. Saturday we went to the Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove. If you haven't been there I would definately recommend it. The kids had a blast, except Addison wasn't quite sure what to think. She did however like going down the slide with her dad. Then that evening we went to a local resturant in Lehi called Porter's Place. We were also happy that our friends the Bacons' and the Mabeys' were able to join us. All in all it was a great weekend, there was a lot of Halo and guitar hero also being played that weekend. We were so glad that Keri Beth and Dave decided to head down south instead of going to Bear Lake.

Here are some of the pictures from Kangaroo Zoo.