Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim and Kim Photography

As we mentioned a few months ago on our blog, Tim and I have finally decided to start our own photography business. Most of you know that we have been taking pictures of our friends and family since we were first married seven years ago, and starting our own business has always been a dream of ours. Although it is a competitive and intimidating field to get into, with so many really great photographers out there, we are excited about jumping in and taking our photography to the next level. We know we still have a ways to go to becoming the photographers we dream of being, but it's been fun to immerse ourselves into learning all we can and taking this adventure together. We'd like to get a website up and running in the near future, but until then, we have started a blog to showcase some of our pictures and to provide our clients a sneak peak of their sessions. Check it out here, and let us know if you are interested. Also, be sure to check back, as we'll keep you posted on our business and let you know of some special events that we will be having. Thanks to all our friends and family that have been so supportive!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mesa Falls

If you are sick of reading about our trip, then you will be happy to know this is our last post about our recent vacation. On our way home, we stopped by Mesa Falls. The falls were bigger than I thought, and this is one of my favorite pictures that Tim took.

One thing I forgot to mention about our trip was the fact that Addison loved pushing Drew around in the stroller. Addison was really showing her true colors of being a big sister. She wouldn't even let Tim or me help her. I thought these pictures where cute.

She always had to make sure she was buckled in.

Kisses and...

away we go.

This is just one set of pictures, but this was the scene everywhere we went. Bear World, Yellowstone, Big Springs, and Mesa Falls. Drew was good to put up with her.

We had a lot of fun on this year's Shirley Summer Vacation and we can't wait until next summer!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


While at Island Park, we took a day to go into Yellowstone. It had been around 20 years since Tim and I had been to Yellowstone with our families growing up, so we were both looking forward to going there again.

We stopped at Old Faithful. Looking through my pictures I had to laugh at this one of Drew. This is classic Drew, chillin with her leg in the air.

Old Faithful

Since we had spent a good couple hours at Old Faithful we thought that the kids were probably done and wouldn't last too much longer. So instead of continuing our loop through Yellowstone, we decided to turn around and head back to West Yellowstone to pick up some souvenirs. But within a few minutes of driving back, we decided to split up and let some of the guys continue on to see more of the park. So Tim went ahead to take some pictures, while I went back and spent the same amount of time finding a few souvenirs. After hearing about how long we were shopping , Tim didn't feel so bad for leaving me with the kids, and I was happy that he was able to go take pictures, since he enjoys that so much. Here are some of his pictures.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Island Park

Here is the cabin we rented. I have to say that our accommodations were quite nice. The cabin was really nice and had lots of room for the kids to play. Tim and I were especially pleased with our room as we were able to to stay in the big master bedroom. I guess having two kids in pack and plays has it's occasional perks. Honestly Tim and I felt a little weird having this huge room to ourselves, but we all slept great and that makes a big difference. We didn't spend a lot of time at the cabin during the day but when we were there we spent most of our time playing games. We played some board games, but the family favorite was playing Mario Kart against each other on the DS's. One of the funniest moments of the trip came while playing Imaginiff. There was a question about Marlene and which movie would be most representative of her life. Marlene had made the comment that everyone was sure to get this one right. Out of the four choices, everyone picked Love Story except Madison. She had picked the Godfather. We immediately all started laughing thinking about Marlene living a mobster lifestyle. Well Madison is 8 and doesn't know what that movie is about. She just saw the word God in the title and assumed that was the movie Tim's mom was talking about. If you know Tim's mom at all, you know she is a very spiritual person. It was really quite funny!

Friday morning we took a short drive over to Big Springs. We all had a good time there, and the kids especially had a good time feeding the fish.

Here are a few of the pictures that Tim took of the Lake that was right outside the cabin. Madison and Kayla had a blast playing around the water catching crawdads and frogs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bear World

We just got back from a our annual vacation with Tim's family. This summer we went to Island Park. On our way to Island Park we stopped at Bear World.

Here are some of the animals we saw.

After we drove around the animals, we stopped at the petting zoo.

The kids had a lot of fun petting and feeding the animals.
After feeding the animals we headed over the the kiddie rides, which Addison loved.

Afterwards, we were thinking that we could have held Drew on a few of the rides, especially the train, but Drew didn't seem to mind. Like always, she seemed quite content just sitting in her stroller.
Hopefully I will keep up on my blogging and post the rest of our trip soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Bear Lake Weekend

Over the 24th we headed to Bear Lake again to spend the weekend with Tim's family up at their cabin. We always have so much fun going to the Lake, playing games, going to the pool, playing at the park, playing bocee ball, throwing the aerobie, eating way to much food, and enjoying one another's company. Mary, Hudson, Marlon and Daniella all came into town so it was fun to have everyone in Tim's family at Bear Lake this time.

The kids, especially Addison, love going to the Park. It was fun to see all the cousins running around and playing together.