Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Sweet Little Addison

Tim and I just love our sweet little Addison so much. She is getting to be such a big independent girl. She is definitely starting to develop her own personality. We can't help but smile and laugh at all the cute things she does. I wanted to write down a list of all the things she is doing right now.

* She loves to dance, well actually listen to music. Everyday she will say, "Dance" which means to turn on the On Demand videos from Comcast. Some of her favorites right now are Jordan Sparks, Chris Brown, and Leona Lewis.

* Everything has to belong to someone. Addison will always point to everything in our house and say "Mom's" or "Dad's". I opened the pantry the other day and Addison saw the vacuum and pointed and said "Dad's". I started to laugh. Anything she sees us use is then labeled by Addison as Mom's or Dad's, which means she only has seen Tim vacuum. :)

*She also loves to cuddle with her Mom and Dad. She likes to lay in the middle of us and put her arms under our heads. Once we are all together, she will say, "both." Whenever Addison has two of something, she always says, "Both".

* Addison also loves having her toes painted. Whenever she see that the nail polish is coming off of her toes, she will point to them and let me know she needs them painted. She is so funny. It's the only time that she will sit still for me. After I put the first coat on she will say, "Cute!"

* Addison loves to draw and color.

* She loves to play with her baby dolls. She has now started to wrap her babies up like I wrap up Drew.

*Addison loves her "snacks". That is what she calls fruit snacks.

* She loves her baby sister Drew. She always has to go into her room to check on her. The other day I told her that once Drew woke up we could go somewhere. Addison immediately took off for Drew's room. She climbed up and then I heard her say to Drew (several times) , "Get up!" It was hilarious.

*Addison also loves to put Drew's binky in. I often have to remind her that Drew doesn't need her binky in if she's sleeping.

*Addison loves giving Drew kisses. She also loves getting in Drew's face and saying over and over, "Hi Drew, Hi Drew". Before that, she used to say, "OOhhh baby." She has now also started to say, " Hi Sis!". It's so cute when she says it.

* Here is my favorite. She loves helping me change Drew's diaper. She has to hand me the wipes and she even now has started to think that she needs to wipe her for me. What a good little helper I have!

* When ever the AC turns on, Addison will run over and stand on the vent and say, "Whoa, that's cold." She sometimes even makes Tim or me stand on the vent too, it is very comical.

* She loves to copy or mimic her dad. Besides always having to help her dad with whatever task he is doing, she also has to copy him too. When Tim stretches before he goes out to play sports, she will try and do the same stretches. If Tim or I are brushing our teeth then Addison has to brush her teeth.

Well that's what Addison is doing these days. She really cracks us up, she is such a big helper and a good big sister. We love her so much and can't wait to see what she does next.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're Home

First I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the phone calls, comments, visitors, and text messages. It is so nice to have such wonderful family and so many caring friends. We appreciate your love and support at this exciting time for us.

Drew and I were able to come home Saturday afternoon from the hospital. With Addison we had to stay an extra day at the hospital because of her jaundice. We were hoping that Drew would be okay, but the pediatrician told us that we would need to come back on Sunday to have her bilirubin level tested. That Sunday the pediatrician called and told us that her level had increased and that we would need to put her under the lights. The good news is we were able to put her under the lights at home. We've kept her in the bed as much as possible these past few days and today after her tests, the pediatrician said that we didn't' need to keep her under the lights anymore, which made us really happy.

Here are a few from the hospital and on our way home.

Addison absolutely LOVES her little sister and has been such a big helper. If I say I need to change Drew's diaper, she will always run and grab a diaper for me. She loves to hold her and has to give her a kiss each night before she goes to bed.

Drew all nice and cozy, ready to be taken home.

We sure love our sweet baby girl and are so happy she is here. Addison has been such a great big sis and has adjusted really well to everything. I'm feeling great and doing well, I think it has to do with the fact that Tim has been able to stay home this week with me. Tim is such a great dad and husband and I am so thankful for all he does for us.