Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Preschool

I can't believe Addison is old enough to be going to Preschool. We had been taking about Preschool and her teacher Miss Dawn for a while to get her ready for her first day. All day she was so excited telling Drew how she was going to school. Addison picked out her outfit and we took her picture and were ready to go. As we walked into the classroom Addison got really nervous and then didn't want me to leave. I had to stay with her for the first 5 or so minutes. She finally warmed up and Drew and I headed out the door. When I picked her up she told me she had a lot of fun. When Tim asked her about her first day she told him she was a little nervous. I know Addison is going to have so much fun with her class and wonderful teacher Miss Dawn. Here are Addison's pics documenting her first day of Preschool.

Drew's Birthday

My mom's and Drew's birthday are three days apart so we decided to have a joint party for them. Happy Birthday Mom and Drew!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bear Lake, Last Post I Promise!

The next morning we headed back to the Lake, it was super windy so we didn't last very long down at the beach. I was actually surprised we lasted as long as we did. It was when Drew's chair fell over, with her in it, that we decided we better take the kids to the pool. Again, here are some more pics of the kids. Tim and I decided that we need to do a better job at taking other pictures than just the kids.

It was Drew's Birthday while we were up there, so we decided to celebrate with our friends. Drew absolutely loved having everyone sing to her.

Make a wish! Happy Birthday Drew!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our last summer trip to Bear Lake

After the fair we headed up to Bear Lake for our last trip of the summer. This trip we were able to go up with our good friends the Mabeys and the Konolds. Friday morning we headed down to the Lake with the Mabeys to let the kids play at the beach. The Konolds were coming later that night. Here's some more pictures of the girls playing at the beach, just in case you've missed every other post we did this summer.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Madi and Kayla's Lambs

This year, while we were in Tremonton for the fair, we decided to stay and watch Maddison and McKayla show their lambs. I knew that they did this, but I didn't really know what was involved. With their own money they buy a lamb at an auction. Then they take care of it all summer. Then at the time of the Fair, their lamb gets auctioned off. The girls get to keep the money that their lamb gets auctioned off for. Madison and McKayla worked really hard with their lambs all summer. I think it is such a good way to teach kids about responsibility and hard work. It was all a pretty cool and interesting to watch.

Box Elder Fair

We had so much fun at the fair, it was a blast! The girls loved going on all the rides with their cousins. Addison's favorite part was going on the big Ferris Wheel with her dad. Drew loved going on the "horsey" aka the carousel. We stayed pretty late. As you can see from the last picture, Drew couldn't stay awake any longer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Box Elder Parade

This was the girls and my first time going to the good old Box Elder Parade. Last year we went to the Fair for one night and the girls had so much fun. We thought it would be fun to go up for the parade and the fair before we headed to Bear Lake for the weekend. All I can say is that there might not be a lot of floats (a total of three) but they sure is a lot of candy, cereal, popsicles, and tractors. I can not believe the amount of stuff they hand out at the parade.