Sunday, June 21, 2009

All about Addison

I have been meaning to do a post about Addison for a while and just haven't gotten around to it. With Addison being 2 1/2 I want to write some things down about her so I won't forget all the things she is doing and loving at this age.

Addison loves the alphabet or what she calls letters. She will sing the ABC's all day long. She knows what each letter sounds like and can recognize each letter too. She loves to count, but will always skip over number 5. She loves going to the park and going down the slides and swinging on the swings. If you ask Addison what she wants to eat she will most likely say, mac and cheese, applesauce, or salad. She loves all fruit, carrots, rice, meat. She loves treats, her favorite treat would be either ice cream or Swedish fish. When ever we ask Addison a question she will put her finger of her mouth and say, "um", it is so cute. She LOVES wearing band-aids. If she scraps her knee she needs to wear a band-aid every day until the scab is gone. Also if she is wearing a band-aid then she has to wear shorts so she can see the band aid. She loves wearing her hair flipped out, 90% of the time she will choose to have her hair flipped out. Addison now likes to give the prayer at dinner time. If Tim or I are giving the prayer she will jump in to tell us what she thinks we are missing in our prayer. She never forgets to say bless Mamas (grandmas) and Papas. Her favorite show is Super Why and she would watch that all day if I would let her. She loves brushing her teeth. She brushes them at least 4 or 5 times a day. She still needs Tim to go to nursery with her. She is however doing a lot better. She loves wearing big girl underwear. Yes, Addison is potty trained, which I will post about that later. She is very independent, she thinks she needs to do everything herself. She now climbs in and out of her crib, I know it's time for a big girl bed. Addison loves giving Drew big hugs and kisses. Which Drew on the other hand doesn't seem to love it as much as Addison loves squeezing her sister and pushing her lips, for a while, on her cheek. It usually results with Drew crying and saying, "mama, mama." Which can be translated to mom get her off of me. Well there you have it just some fun facts about Addison. Here are some recent pictures of Addison that we took.

9 months

I have been meaning to do a 9 month post on Drew. Now that she is almost 10 months I thought I should hurry and post her stats and some things about her.

*Drew is becoming more mobile, she just rolls all over to get to her destination. She hasn't started to crawl yet, but she has started to scoot backwards with her hands.

*Drew still likes baby food but she now is starting eat whatever we are having.

*She loves to play peek a boo. She has now started to lift up her blanket by herself.

*She got her first two bottom teeth at 8 months.

*Drew now says Mama. It usually comes out like Ma Ma Ma Ma.

*She wants to play with anything Addison is playing with. This usually bugs Addison, but sometimes Addison is good with sharing with her.

*She loves my hair. Whenever I pick her up she will immediately grab the back of my hair with one hand and then with her other hand her thumb will go in her mouth.

*Drew is very easy going and has such a fun and cute personality. It seems like she is always smiling, babbling, and making her scary voice. She also will actually let other people hold her, unlike how her older sister was.

*Drew is 27 1/2 inches (50%) and her weight is 18.1 pounds (45%)

Here are a few recent pictures of Drew