Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you want to talk to Daddy?

This is the question that I ask Addison every morning when I call Tim at work. This is what Addison's reply is every morning. . . NO!!!

Addison used to LOVE to talk on the phone with her dad. For the longest time I would have to call Tim every morning just so Addison could talk to him. Once I made the phone call it wasn't good enough to just talk to him once, but she had to talk to him several times per phone call. Well all of that has changed. Addison now will not talk to her dad on the phone. Once we tried to trick Addison by saying it was Winnie the Pooh and once she heard Tim's voice she immediately threw the phone and said, "No Pooh, it Daddy!" Now the only way Tim can talk to her is if he pretends he is Winnie the Pooh or Handy Manny. (Next time you see Tim you should ask him to do his impressions of them, it is pretty comical.)

So to get a better understanding of how much Addison doesn't want to talk to her dad, here is a typical conversation I have with Addison every morning.

Me: Addison, Daddy is on the phone. Do you want to talk to him?

Addison: No!

Me: Addison, Daddy really wants to talk to you. Can you just say hi?

Addison: NO!!

Me: Addison, please talk to your dad, he really want to talk to you.

Addison: NOOOOOO!! (usually at this point she will run away to the other side of the room)

Me: Addison Pooh Bear is on the phone do you want to talk to him?

Addison: YES! (She immediately runs back to the phone, and grabs it out of my hand)

Addison: Hi Pooh, Hi!

Tim will then talk to her as if he is Winnie the Pooh, and when she gives the phone back she is so excited and will say, "Mom, Pooh, Mom, Pooh!"

Me: How fun, Addie!? Do you want to talk to dad now?

Addie: No!

The funny thing is that Addison really loves her dad, and is always playing with him or cuddling with him, so I can't figure out why she doesn't like to talk to him anymore. The only thing that I can guess, is that maybe she's mad that he leaves everyday for work, and is mad at him until he gets home. That's probably not it, but the other day when I went to get her out of bed in the morning she did say, "Mom, dad work, just us". Whatever the reason is, I hope that she gets over it soon, because I think that it's starting to make Tim feel bad.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

4 Months

Now that our little Miss Drew is almost 5 months, I thought I should probably post her four month stats. Everyone says that your second child will seem to grow up much faster than your first child did, and I have to agree.

Drew is starting to develop her own little personality, and it's been fun to watch her become more responsive. Every time that Addison comes close to her to play, Drew gets a big grin on her face and starts moving her arms and feet in excitement. Addie has been has been a great big sister, and I love watching her try to take care of Drew. It's been fun to see that relationship start to develop.

Drew is such a good baby. She has an easy going and laid back personality, and rarely fusses. She has a cute little giggle and is is ticklish under her neck and under her arms. Drew is also a great sleeper. I'm not sure how I lucked out with two great sleepers! Around 3 months, she started to sleep a good 12 hours a night. She has made it easy for me to transition from talking care of one child to taking care of two.

Drew's 4 month appointment was on December 31st. Here is how she is measuring up:

Height: 25 inches (80 percentile)
Weight: 14 pounds 13 ounces (80 percentile)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we drove up to Tremonton to spend the evening and Christmas morning with Tim's family. While we were there Tim was looking through the local newspaper at the letters to Santa. Tim came across this letter to Santa from his niece, Madison.

click on the picture to read her letter.

After we had dinner Keri Beth put together a cute scavenger hunt for the kids to find their new Christmas Pajamas. I tried to get a picture of the girls in their Christmas Pajamas, and well, this is the best that I could get.

After we got the kids in their PJ's, we had our traditional Christmas program followed by one hilarious rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas. After that, we played some games that Tim's mom had prepared. Those games included The Price is Right, which we won a box of goldfish, and Lego fruit sacks. (figures since those are always on our grocery list) We also played Little Einsteins BINGO.

Here are a few more pictures from that night.

We were a little worried how the kids would do sleeping together in the same room, but they both did great with one exception. That night Tim was sick and was snoring in his sleep. This woke Drew up and caused Drew to stir a bit. That caused Addison to stir and say half asleep, "Drew don't, don't Drew!" It was hilarious. I was worried that they might not go back to sleep, but within seconds everyone was sound asleep again.

Christmas morning we woke up bright and early at 7:00. Tim's family did that for us since we had to be to my parents house around 11:00. As you can see from the picture below, Addison wasn't ready to get up.

We always have so much fun watching Tim's nieces and nephew on Christmas morning.

Here are some pictures of the girls Christmas morning at Tim's parents house.

After we finished opening presents, the snow was starting to come down. It was blowing really hard and Tim and I weren't sure if we would be able to make it down to my parent's house, but we decided that we had to try. Tim's mom packed us up some food, blankets and some other things just in case we got stuck. The hardest part of the drive was just getting from Tim's parents house to the freeway, but even the freeway was really bad until we got to Ogden. (that's Tim's account anyway. I wouldn't know since I feel asleep right when we got on the freeway!) Eventually we made it to my parent's house and had a wonderful Christmas breakfast with my family.

Addison loved opening presents and was more than happy to help Drew open hers. We would ask her if she wanted to help Drew open her gifts, and she would immediately start unwrapping. Once she finished opening Drew's present she would show it to Drew and say, "Drew, cute!"

Tim and I thought this picture was so cute of Addison playing with her new kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Wright.

Although we had a wonderful Christmas we really missed Mary, Cameron and Hudson. We were sad that we couldn't celebrate Christmas with them this year.