Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm 9 months!!

Really it's more like AWWAAHHHAWAHHHHH!

Our sweet Addison is nine months today. It is crazy to think it has been nine whole months since she was born. Wow how the time flies, and how I just love every minute of it.

Our sweet little girl has her first cold. She started to get a little cough on Saturday but I thought is was just from teething. But then Sunday night it seemed to get worse. Good thing we had her 9 month checkup on Monday. We went in and sure enough Dr. Memmott said she has a little cold. Sad there is nothing you can do for a cold but just wait it out. Addison has been such a trooper. You would hardly believe she was sick, she is always smiling and ready to play.

Here are her stats from the checkup

Height 27 1/2 inches (50% tile)

Weight 16.8 lbs (18% title)

Here are some of the things Addison is doing:

  • Pulling herself up on everything and anything she can.
  • Crawling
  • Cuddling with dad, yeah Tim loves to cuddle with her on the couch.
  • Playing Peek-a-Boo.
  • Looking for the tiniest things and then trying to pick it up with her little fingers. And then you guessed it, tries to put it right in her mouth.
  • Holds her own bottle.
  • Talking lots. Well more like making noises like Aaaahhhhh!

It is amazing how curious and fast our little ones learn. It is such a joy to see them progress.

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