Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day. This was our first year spending the New Year with Tim's family. Since Marlon was still in town we thought it would be fun to get all together one last time before Marlon went back to San Diego. We also had some friends who were in Tremonton staying with family for the holidays, and we thought it would be a perfect time to visit with them as well.

Here are some of the highlights from New Years Eve and New Years Day.

*Addison and I sitting at Big O Tires for an hour while we waited for the tires to get rotated(Tim wanted me to get the tires rotated before we went to Tremonton. It surprisingly went really fast. . . maybe because I automatically dreaded waiting there for an hour with Addison. She did really well, we watched a little news, walked around the tires, and had a few cheerios.)

*Tim getting off work at 3:00 (yeah!!)

*Visiting Ed, Kalisa, Dyson & Savannah. It was so much fun visiting with them. The last time we saw them(really it was just me as Tim was at work)was last Christmas. Addison was only 2 months old and Savannah was almost one and Dyson was 2 1/2. Kalisa is now pregnant with their third child, and looks amazing. I honestly would never guess she was due in a month. They are living in New York, while Ed attends school to become an Anesthesiologist. He has one year left and we are hoping they move back to Utah and live near us!!

*Having Pizza Plus Pizza and breadsticks dipped with Atwoods dressing. Every time we are in Tremonton I always want to get breadsticks from Pizza Plus. They really are the best breadsticks around. They are twisted with melted mozzarella cheese. . . yum! And who doesn't love the Atwoods ranch dressing?!

*Playing Nerts with Cam, Mary, Kerry, Marlene, Keri Beth, and Marlon. I hadn't played that card game since I worked at New Freedom.

*Tim falling asleep at 10:00 and waking up at 11:59. (What a Party animal Tim is!)

*Making skookies-mmmm Skookies!!

*Tim playing Tiger Woods with Marlon

*Addison waking up at 4 because the bumper pad fell on top of her. Yes it sure seems that Addison can never sleep peacefully at Tim's parents. Christmas she threw up, and now the bumper pad fell on top of her. I told Tim that the bumper pad was over her face, and he replied, "oops, that was my fault." I guess he didn't tie the top ties on. Too Funny

*Waking up and seeing the 11+ deer in front of Tim's parents house.

*Watching Mason shave, It was too cute for words watching him shave.

*Harmony, Steve, and Devyn coming up to Tim's parents to visit. It was so much fun visiting with Harmony and Steve and meeting Devyn for the first time, she is such a cutie. The last time we saw each other had to of been at least 3 years ago, right before they moved to Virginia. They are now living in Hawaii. I know aren't you jealous?! Now we each have little girls. Addison is just a few months older than Devyn. Poor little thing had a ear ache, we hope she is doing better.

*Mason taking Devyn and Addison for rides in his Tonka truck. Mason is the sweetest little boy. He is so nice to Addie and loves his new little sister. I thought it was so sweet when he told me his little sister, Marlie, was beautiful.

*Marlon taking us to Rodizio's for lunch. This was Addison's first time to Rodizio's, she wasn't too interested in any of the meat. Just the bread and the hard boiled eggs from the salad bar is all she wanted. We ended up eating way to much, but at that place it's hard to leave hungry. Thanks again Marlon for the delicious lunch.

Well that was our fun New Years. It's crazy to think that 2007 has come and gone and now here it is 2008, a whole new year of memories and good times to look forward to. We wish lots of joy and happiness for everyone this year!!


Cam and Mary said...

Cute post Kim! We had lots of fun with you and Addie too! (We didn't interact much with Tim since he was sleeping!) :) Oh ya, before we go to the Dr next week, we want you and Tim to guess what the baby is!

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!! Bailey and I can't wait for our next playgroup!

Ed, Kalisa, Dyson, & Savannah said...

Guys, it was so awesome to see you all and hang out for a little bit. It's a shame that we couldn't have spent more time hanging out. We had a blast seeing you. Savannah keeps looking at your Christmas card and saying "Adson, Adson." See must have made a killer first impression on Savannah. Send us pictures when you get a chance. We also look forward to the breadsticks dipped in ranch from Pizza Plus. Tremonton rules!!! j/k

Family of 7 said...

I bet my Aunt was in heaven with all her kids and grandkids there! I'm glad your New Years was better than Christmas!

Heidi said...

I love Colby Caillat, got her for Christmas and haven't stopped listening. glad you guys are feeling better!

Justin and Jill said...

Sounds like you guys had a busy New Year! I was laughing at Tim's comment about the bumper pad falling on Addison..."Oops!"

I know a New Year's Resolution for you..."teach Jill how to digital scrapbook using Photoshop." I'll help you reach that goal easily!


Tori And Ryan said...

Hey Kim, guess what! I got photoshop element for Christmas! I really am so excited! Only one problem . . . I have no CLUE how to work it. I got it uploaded onto my computer, and I thought I cold figure it out on my own, but- apparently not. I have all my pictures uploaded and all my blog designs so I can change my header on my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. It is SO frusterating. I even read the directions! What is my problem?

Jason and Tawni Smith said...

I must say that I believe you are the most photgenic family on the planet. Do you guys ever take a bad picture? Seriously? Anyways, I love the updates and the pictures (especially the one with the deer in the front yard!) and it looks like you had a great time over the holidays!