Monday, March 10, 2008

Bowling Anyone??

Friday Tim and I went bowling with our friends, the Mabeys. Tim and I love to go bowling and haven't been for quite a while. Addison had lots of fun too, not bowling but playing with Abby, Elly and Ally.

Tim in action

Amy and Elly

Chad and Abby

To sum up how we all played we took a picture of our final scores. Here are the scores from the 1st game.

Kim 77 Amy 109 Tim 120 Chad 115 the Girls (Abby & Elly) 99

Well someone has to come in last place and well. . .I guess it had to me. I know I didn't even break a 100. And yes, the cute Mabey girls, Abby and Elly even bet me.

I knew the second game I needed to step it up a bit. I definitely improved, I almost doubled my first score. Here are the final scores from the 2nd game.

Kim 141 Amy 88 Tim 119 Chad 152

Here are a few more pictures from that day.

Addison stealing Ally's treats.

Thanks guys, we had so much fun!!


Caryn said...

Oh is that how it looks in real life?! I have only been bowling on the Wii for so long, ha! How cute, I bet Addi loved it.

melissa & corbin said...

you could be the most popular person i know! i decided not to post on the last because i was like #54 and i thought you would never read that far down. congrats though. that is so exciting. can't wait to hear if it's a baby boy or girl.

Jason & Tawni said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! We really need to get out and do some bowling, thanks for the reminder! Nice job on doubling your score on the 2nd game too!:) I love the outfit that Addy is wearing, she is such a little fashion icon.

Becky said...

I am impressed with your second game. A warm-up game is always good.
Mont and I love to bowl too. In fact, that was most of the dates we went on before we got married. We never went to a movie. Funny huh.

Patti Smith said...

Looks like fun. We love bowling, but don't go nearly enough.

Ty, Jen, and Madelyn said...

Looks like fun! Ty and I love bowling too, but hardly ever go anymore. The Hilltop Methodist Church consignment sale is in April on the 11th and 12th, and there's a presale on the me and I'll let you in on the details.

Bacons-Bits said...

Man, when is the next bowling outing? The Bacons want to be there!!

emily call said...

It looks like so much fun. I love bowling, but I am not very good.

Brooke said... rocked that second game! I am such a terrible bowler - I never make it anywhere near 100.

The Brown Family said...

I am terrible at bowling... I don't think I ever break 100, nice job on your second score girl! You can rock it! I bet Addie had so much fun! My kids love bowling!

The Barneys said...

Ok, I really need some help with my blog. I can not figure out how to change the back ground. Anyway, I bag tagged you. Have fun.

Rhonda said...

Looks like a fun night! I'm not really a bowler. I freaks me out to wear those shoes! I never try to win, I walk up, huck the ball and turn around to walk back. I never look. It's more fun for me that way. I just plain don't care!

Laura Nielsen said...

Hey, where did the Shirleys go?