Sunday, August 3, 2008

Angels Game, Old Town, and Coronado

While in San Diego, the guys had the chance to go up to Anaheim to catch an Angels game. Tim's Uncle Val was able to get some good tickets for everyone, and Tim said that they had a really fun time.

Tim really enjoys taking pictures at sporting events, especially shots like this of the stadiums. He left his seat during one of the innings, and walked up to the upper deck, and found the perfect seat to take this picture.

Marlon, Tim, and Kerry

The guys hanging out, taking in some rays before the game.

While the guys were at the game, the girls decided to go to Old Town, San Diego. It was quite the adventure getting down there. Keri Beth and I didn't put our names down to drive the rental cars, because at the time we didn't think we were really going to need to drive. Most of us squeezed into Tim's grandpa's van that we had borrowed that week, while Keri Beth and my mother-in-law, Marlene, drove Marlon's Jeep. Luckily, we didn't have to drive too far. We just drove down to the shuttle that took us straight to Old Town. Again it was quite comical watching us try to get on and get off that shuttle with three strollers and three kids.

Later that night once the guys got back from the game and some major race car driving, Tim and I decided to drive over to Coronado so Tim could take some night shots of downtown. Here are a few of the shots he took.

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Boomer,Sabrina, & Grant said...

Hi! Beautiful pics! My husband and i went to Coronado on our honeymoon! It was wonderful. Anyway, my name is Sabrina and am from Mississippi. I was googling how in the world to do banners with photoshop and your blog pulled up! It really is cute! I got photoshop a few months ago and of course it came with NO directions! I am a HUGE step by step person. I don't much like to "figure' things out! Just tell me how! Anyway, I was wondering if you could email me and help me with directions on doing these banners and just to do photoshop...tutor me!! HAHA. I'd appreciate it if you have the time!
Thanks and have a blessed day!!