Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Nogger

Last Sunday we went to the Nogger. What first started out as wear your finest Christmas sweater (sarcastically speaking of course) has now turned out to be wear your craziest Christmas outfit. Each year someone wears something crazy, and Tim and I leave thinking how can anyone top that. Then the next year comes and someone once again wears something crazier. This year was no different. There were quite a few sweaters/outfits for the running of the coveted Santa trophy, but nothing could top the "homemade" sweater. Now when I say homemade, it wasn't knitted or crocheted, but it was a snowman made out of chest hair. Yes you read right. Ben had shaved his chest hair in a shape of a snowman. It was hilarious.

Jake had won the year before, he was definitely a good candidate for the best outfit. His skirt is a tree skirt. And we can't leave Nick out, last year he wore a women's Christmas nightgown, this year he dressed up as Saint Nick. We had a yummy fondue spread and after we played the wonderful white elephant exchange. Drew was sitting on my lap and next thing I know she was fast asleep, I guess from all that partying.
Tim ended up with Twinkies and canned salmon, Nick ended up with Ding Dongs and some maxi pad slippers. So after the game Nick and Tim thought it they would swap out some of their Twinkies and Ding Dongs.
Here is Jake trying on the awesome ladies one piece snow suit. Here is Nick in his Blazer from DI, in the inside pocket there was an obituary from a guy who passed away in 1986. Creepy huh.

All the guys...

...and all the girls and babies.
Funny how much can change in a year. Last year there were only four kids. This year there was ten kids, with all six couples having babies this year. We are thinking we need to get babysitters for the years to come.
We had such a wonderful time, Thanks Luke and Amy! You guys are wonderful hosts.


The Morris Family said...

Those outfuts are hillarious! Looks like you had a great time! I enjoyed seeing you guys on Christmas Eve and Morning. I have to admit I would have loved it if you would have been snowed in, but I know you wanted to see the rest of your family!

Cam and Mary said...

Is your sweater ugly Kim? Because you make it look cute if it is! I can't believe all of those babies! How fun!