Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you want to talk to Daddy?

This is the question that I ask Addison every morning when I call Tim at work. This is what Addison's reply is every morning. . . NO!!!

Addison used to LOVE to talk on the phone with her dad. For the longest time I would have to call Tim every morning just so Addison could talk to him. Once I made the phone call it wasn't good enough to just talk to him once, but she had to talk to him several times per phone call. Well all of that has changed. Addison now will not talk to her dad on the phone. Once we tried to trick Addison by saying it was Winnie the Pooh and once she heard Tim's voice she immediately threw the phone and said, "No Pooh, it Daddy!" Now the only way Tim can talk to her is if he pretends he is Winnie the Pooh or Handy Manny. (Next time you see Tim you should ask him to do his impressions of them, it is pretty comical.)

So to get a better understanding of how much Addison doesn't want to talk to her dad, here is a typical conversation I have with Addison every morning.

Me: Addison, Daddy is on the phone. Do you want to talk to him?

Addison: No!

Me: Addison, Daddy really wants to talk to you. Can you just say hi?

Addison: NO!!

Me: Addison, please talk to your dad, he really want to talk to you.

Addison: NOOOOOO!! (usually at this point she will run away to the other side of the room)

Me: Addison Pooh Bear is on the phone do you want to talk to him?

Addison: YES! (She immediately runs back to the phone, and grabs it out of my hand)

Addison: Hi Pooh, Hi!

Tim will then talk to her as if he is Winnie the Pooh, and when she gives the phone back she is so excited and will say, "Mom, Pooh, Mom, Pooh!"

Me: How fun, Addie!? Do you want to talk to dad now?

Addie: No!

The funny thing is that Addison really loves her dad, and is always playing with him or cuddling with him, so I can't figure out why she doesn't like to talk to him anymore. The only thing that I can guess, is that maybe she's mad that he leaves everyday for work, and is mad at him until he gets home. That's probably not it, but the other day when I went to get her out of bed in the morning she did say, "Mom, dad work, just us". Whatever the reason is, I hope that she gets over it soon, because I think that it's starting to make Tim feel bad.


angela said...

cute story and adorable kids...oh my they are beautiful!! SO HAPPY we are back in touch!!!

Cam and Mary said...

Oh! That is so funny! I remember Tim doing the Pooh voice! I'm hoping he has a private office at work! :)

Laura Nielsen said...

So can I call Tim and he can talk to Boston like Handy Manny? What is his number?

The Royal Family said...

that is so sad. Chris would NOT like that at all... She will get over it. :)

Rhonda said...

Aww... how sad! I've been on the other side of that when my husband wasn't working. Stings a little . Ok. A lOT!
Yazee loves Pooh & Handy manny too.
I do have to take issue with however named that bear. Pooh, really?

THE YOUNGS said...

Way cute story! Ben and I were laughing so hard imagining Tim do Pooh and Handy Manny. How creative to think of that. You guys are awesome!

The Tucketts said...

That's funny! I would like to put in a request for Tim to call Landon and sing, 'Hop, hop, jump in'! Actually, maybe you two could do a duet, you sing that song pretty well :) You and Tim are so funny! Addison is lucky to have such great parents!

The Fletchers said...

That's hilarious!

Jake, Teylor and Walker said...

please video Tim's impressions and put it on your blog - Jake really wants to see it. Jake LOVES Handy Manny - he knows all the tools names.

Bacons-Bits said...

Hilarious post Kim. At least I'm not the only one Addie gives the cold shoulder to!

The Morris Family said...

That is so funny! Sometimes my dad will call to talk to Mason when he has been at work for a while. Mason will not talk to him, I always feel bad. Luckily they know that they really are loved!!

Grandma's Joys said...

Miss you guys, we need to get together soon. I am anxious to hear Tim's Winney the Pooh voice!

Cara Sue said...

This story is too cute! Your girls are just darling!