Monday, May 11, 2009

Crossword Puzzles

My mom loves crossword puzzles and always has a book on the side table. A week or so ago, when we were visiting my parent's house, we weren't paying close attention to Addison, and when we looked over, this is what we saw.

We thought this was really funny because she picked up the book and pencil without us noticing, and was quietly sitting on the couch acting like she knew what to do with them. She would look at the puzzle for a few moments, then she would draw circles and scribble on the paper. Tim then sat down with her. I thought that the last two pictures were so cute.

I don't even think I've ever seen my mom do the crossword puzzles when we are there, but she obviously had seen her doing them before. It's just one more example of how observant kids are, how much they pick up from watching others.


Cam and Mary said...

Those are so cute! It is actually quite scary how observant kids are! She's a smart one!

Holly said...

She looks like she's a pro at crossword puzzles! So cute!

The Royal Family said...

the second to last pic is completely precious! I love the easter photos too! Yeah I bet two girls are fun, I AM THRILLED!!!

Cute cute girls, and I still cannot believe Drew's cheeks!!!

Jason and Tawni said...

Absolutely adorable Kim, I love that story and the pictures to go along with it. Good for you for having your camera nearby to snag those pictures without Addy losing her concentration! Your girls are so cute and I loved their Easter dresses too!

The Fletchers said...

That's hilarious. Cute pictures!