Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad blogger

Just like the title states, I have been a bad blogger. Not that I think anyone really cares what we have been up to but since I use this as my family journal I think I better try and give a quick update. We have been having a great summer and have been taking a lot of pictures which has kept us pretty busy. We celebrated Father's Day up at Bear Lake with Tim's family. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures. We did however have a great time and a memorable night playing poker. We also went to our first Real game at the new stadium. Tim also had his 30th Birthday, which was a bust because the weekend before Tim's birthday we found out that Drew had an ear infection. Four days later, on Tim's birthday we were back to the doctor's office to find out the antibiotic wasn't working and that she had double ear infections. Friday Drew broke out in a rash, and then on the 4th of July we were back to the doctor's office to find out what the doctor thought she might have Roseola. So our 4th was pretty uneventful. We did enjoy the night having dinner with my parents. My dad had bought some fireworks but since Drew wasn't feeling to great we weren't able to stay for them. Then on the following Monday we were back to the doctor's to find out it was actually a allergic reaction. I am now happy to say that after four doctor visits, four antibiotics, and some sleepless nights Drew is finally feeling better. Well since we didn't take any pictures on Father's day, Tim's birthday, the fourth of July, the Real game will have to do. Because who wants to look at a post without pictures?!


Rhonda said...

I, personally, love to hear what you have been up to! Sorry about poor Drew! That stinks when babies are sick!

Jocelyn and Nate said...

I also love seeing your new posts and updates on your blog. Especially for me being that we have moved out of the ward... it helps me stay connected to those who I don't see anymore (like you and your adorable fam). Keep it coming :)