Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. It started out Saturday evening with dinner and an Easter Egg hunt at my parent's house. The kids loved looking for eggs.

Then on Sunday the kids found their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny left for them.

Then we headed up to Tremonton to Tim's parents house for dinner and some more egg hunts. I don't know what we enjoy more, the grown up egg hunt or watching our kids look for eggs. The weather wasn't that nice so this year we did the hunt downstairs.

It was a fun and busy weekend, but we loved it. Also I had found these glasses at my parent's and thought they were hilarious. Here is Drew sporting the bunny glasses. Happy Easter Everyone!!


Chas and Ashly Johnson Family said...

Love all the new posts Kim! Love your girls and the pictures!

Lisa said...

I see you're making progress on the blog updates! Way to go--he, he. Really great pics, Kimmy.

Brooke said...

That bunny mask picture is classic!!