Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swim Lessons

I wasn't sure if I should put Addison into swim lessons this year because I didn't know how she would do. I was expecting the worst the first day, which would be her crying and not wanting to get in the pool without me. She was a little nervous at first but she warmed up and sat on the steps in the pool and was ready for her first swim lesson. She loved going and looked forward to it every week. Here is a picture with Addison's swim teacher, Candi.

Addison with her friend Hudson.

Here is Drew. I usually just kept her in her stroller and gave her snacks to keep her distracted from the fact that she couldn't get in the pool. The last day of swim lessons I decided that it was fine for Drew just to sit by me. One little boy that was watching his brother looked over at Drew and said to his mom, " I didn't know that little girl could walk." It made me laugh thinking how much I baby Drew.

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