Wednesday, April 30, 2008

18 Months

Wow is it really true that our sweet little girl is now 18 months. Like most of you, it seems like our little ones grow up way too fast. Tim and I are always saying how everyday it seems like Addison is getting bigger and bigger.

Here are some things about Addison

At her 18th month appointment she was 30 1/4 inches (30th percentile) and 22.7 pounds (25 percentile).

She loves to help us make our bed. She will had us our decorative pillows one by one to put on the bed.

She loves animals, especially kittys and dogs. She can tell you what a cow, dog, kitty, sheep, rooster, snake, chicken, horse, duck, monkey and pig all say.

She has moved on from her brown boots and now only wants to wear white shoes with pink flowers on them.

She loves giving kisses.

Some of her favorite foods are tomatoes, carrots, eggs, dill pickles, apples, strawberries, and mandarin oranges.

She loves books.

She loves going outside, she will bring me my shoes to put them on and after I put them on she will grab my finger and pull me to the door.

She loves going down the slides at the park, but isn't a fan of the swings.

She loves to go and get the mail. She will open the mailbox, say "ohhhhh!" if there's mail, and then she has to carry all the mail inside for us.

She loves to do the actions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She loves her blankie and she calls it her "B".

She is still scared of the vacuum, every time Tim gets out the vacuum Addison will get a really uncomfortable look on her face.

She loves to play basketball. Every time she sees a basketball, golf ball, baseball she will point and say, "ball." (Her Dad has taught her well.)

She's becoming very particular about certain things. For example, at the grocery store, she will push Tim's hands away and only want me to push her in the grocery cart. She will even change her mind a time or two while we are shopping on who she wants pushing the cart.

Tim and I love watching Addison grow and learn new things.


Tori And Ryan said...

No way! She looks SO big! And look at all that hair! I love it! Keep posting more pics 'cause she really does grow so much from the last ones. She is too cute Kim.

Tori And Ryan said...
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Muranda said...

it is so fun to see that they are doing the same things! she is so adorable!

the mail, the bed, the balls, the books, going to the door, giving kisses...these two are meant for each other! now we just need ashton to grow a little bit!

Becky said...

She is so super cute, I can hardly stand it. Her hair is getting so long too. What a fun little girl. We need to do another play group.

emily call said...

She is getting so big! What a cutie. I love that she calls her blanket "B".

Laura Nielsen said...

Yeah, Boston will be so happy to have his friend in nursery with him (maybe he will go now). She is such a cutie and I love that all her favorite foods are healthy!

Patti said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. It is so much fun when they get "favorite" things.

The Goffs said...

Addison is so dang cute. It was so fun watching her and Scotty play last week. Thanks again for the fun night. How cute was it when they kissed? I love hearing all the cute stuff she is now doing.

Jason & Tawni said...

It is really weird to think that little Addie is 18 months old. I still remember finding out that you were preggo! The list of her favorite things is great, it is fun to look at that list and see some of the things we will experience when Stella gets a little older!

Sorensen Family said...

Addison is so cute! Isn't this a fun age? It is my favorite age. So exciting.

We should get together soon for lunch now that the weather is thinking about being good.


The Brown Family said...

What a cutie she is! Aren't they fun? It is hard to watch them grow so fast. They just get funner and funner (and harder and harder).

The Morris Family said...

I am so excited to see Addie this weekend! She is getting so grown up. She will really seem big when the new baby gets here. She is my favorite niece!

Emily said...

Addison has the sweetest smile, Kim! They do grow fast. I think that if we could, we would all stop time & keep our little ones small & innocent & away from all the crap in the world that they are oblivious to (good thing). But one of these days, you'll be looking through baby pictures of her trying to find some for her spotlight in school (this will inevitably happen) & you'll wonder when the heck she grew up. It is very bitter-sweet. Part of you will be excited for all the new things she is doing & part of you will feel very sad at the little things that she did that you miss. But every new stage brings new accomplishments that will only make your pride in her grow even more! She sounds like a little bundle of fun.

Caryn said...

I love it I love it! I can not believe she is a full 10 inhces shorter than my Berk! She must be the tiniest cute little thing! I wan to come up there and throw my sister a shower, so if I make it this summer I have to come see you!

Callisters said...

She is so cute! Can you believe these little girls are getting so big?! Olivia also calls her blankie her "B", she loves her "B".