Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!!

Tim's birthday is July 1st, and he has had quite the birthday week if you ask me. Most of you know that Tim likes to joke around by saying he has the best birthday. How does he have the best birthday you ask? Well. . . Tim will say that when you are young, you don't want your birthday close to Christmas, so since July is right in the middle of the year, it's perfect. And since his birthday is on the 1st, that makes it easy to remember. "Everyone can remember the 1st, but who can remember July 18th or 23rd or 9th? He'll also point out that it's Canada day(for whatever that's worth! It's not like he has Canadian roots, and I'm pretty sure he's never even been to Canada!), it's the start of Free Agency in the NBA, and they have fireworks three days later. (I think if his birthday was really THAT cool, they would have fireworks ON his birthday!) Tim had a wonderful birthday and after our fun filled week, I'm starting to think maybe Tim does have a pretty good birthday.

Here is what Tim's birthday week consisted of.

Monday: went golfing at Thanksgiving Point.

Tuesday: My family took us to the OG for Tim's birthday dinner. (Tim loves fettuccine alfredo) For Tim's birthday this year he got a bike and a bike trailer for Addison. Addison gave him some socks for work and a new tie.

Addison absolutely loves going on bike rides with her dad.

Wednesday: Tim had a "field trip" for work that took him to Salt Lake for the morning. After work, Tim's parent's took us out to another delicious birthday dinner. He then had just enough time to go make his work softball game.

Thursday: Tim's work closed at noon. Who doesn't love getting off work early?! We went shopping, and then watched a few movies that night.

Friday: He spent the morning golfing again. He had the day off, since it was the 4th of July. We also watched some great fireworks in our Cove, thanks to the Bacon's for supplying the fireworks.

Saturday: We went up AF Canyon and had a picnic with the Bacon's and the Mabey's. That night we also enjoyed a delicious dinner at JCW's.

Sunday: Watched the Federer/Nadal tennis match. It was such a good match! I was rooting for Federer, and Tim was cheering for Nadal. After church, we took another drive up AF Canyon, this time to Cascade Springs.


Mama O said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! I remember the day you were born :)

Now wait a minute, I thought KIM was the fettuccine alfredo lover! Am I confused? Don't answer that. Oh, now I remember - it's Matt's sister-in-law that LOVES it! Given my current state of mind with the upcoming wedding, I'm really pleased that I actually had recall! Ha ha!

Tori And Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Even though I must say, Ryan thinks HIS birthday is the best...7-11 how easy is THAT to remember? LOL Looks like it was a fun one!

The Tucketts said...

Happy Birthday Tim! He's funny, who cares about Canada? :) He really does have a great b-day! But come on, what about 8-8? I think you might have him beat, Kim!

The Royal Family said...

Happy Birthday Tim! looks like you guys had fun! Hope all is well!

The Barneys said...

Happy Birthday Tim, can't believe you are 32 already :)I have to agree with Tim, anytime in June and July is a pretty good time of year for a birthday! Colter brags about his birthday too. Sounds like a fun week!

Callisters said...

It sounds like lots of fun. But lets be honest husbands do have great birthdays because they have wives that make them so dang special!

The Fletchers said...

Looks like he had a great week. Addison is adorable in the bike trailer. Ty and I have been talking about getting one of those for the girls. Hope all is going well with the pregnancy...I'm down to 2 days. Ya!

emily call said...

Happy Birthday...late! That sounds like such a fun week!

Jake, Teylor and Walker said...

I love the bike and the trailer! I will have to admit a b-day in July is cool -but not as cool as the
8th and 11th of August! YEAH!

Oh and TIM WHAT ARE YOU DOING ROOTING FOR NADAL??? Oh his melvin picking and that nasty face he makes after each shot - can hardley stand it!!

The Brown Family said...

Well it sounds like Tim had a great Birthday. I guess that would be pretty hard to beat! How are you feeling lately? Your birthday is coming up soon!!! Gotta love us August girls! We rock! The bike trailor is awesome! I bet she is loving that. Hope to hear from you soon! Love ya