Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visiting Family

Whenever we are in California we always look forward to visiting Tim's extended family. Most all of Tim's relatives live there, so it's not often that we get to see them. On Sunday we all drove to Tim's Aunt Cheryl's house in Murrieta for a nice visit. Tim's Aunt has a really nice backyard with this amazing pool. Addison, of course, has never passed up swimming, and took advantage of the opportunity. We enjoyed a delicious dinner that Tim's Aunt Cheryl made for us, and spent time catching up with everyone.

Tim and Addison swimming with Addie's cousins, Madison, Mason, and Kayla.

We had a great time visiting with Tim's relatives. Of course we couldn't leave without getting a big group picture.
Tim's Mom, Marlene, and her sister have a lot in common. Not only are they identical twins, but as you can tell from this picture, they also share the same fashion sense, and love for family pictures.

Tim's Grandparents with the great grand kids.


emily call said...

I love being around family... looks like you guys had a good time.

The Brown Family said...

Ohhh... looks like such a blast! Makes me miss my family even more!! You look so amazing Kim seriously... I don't even believe you that you are pregnant, no where in any of your pictures do you even look like you have a bump. Oh... we are supposed to be moving back to the states sometime this year (Nov or Dec) so I will be spending a while in Utah and would LOVE to get together. We will have to get all of us girls together with the kids (or without) and catch up!

Josi said...

Hi Tim and Kim,
Remember me? Your old pal, Josilyn from Zions! I saw your blog address on Corey and Cherice's blog. Hope you don't mind that I visited. Your little girl is ADORABLE! And you are expecting another? I saw the babstrology thing. Looks like not too much longer. Check out my blog if you want. I actually haven't updated it in quite a while, I just had another baby 2 months ago, and i have been really bad about keeping up, but I plan on adding some more soon!

Ashley Walch said...

That last picture with Poppa and Shirley makes me laugh. Joseph is about to attack Mason and Addison and almost everyone else don't look to happy to be sitting there! Too funny. I wish I was there!!!