Friday, October 23, 2009

Addison's First Trip to Build a Bear

For Addison's Birthday Tim's parents wanted to take Addison to Build a Bear. I thought it was such a cute idea. Before Tim left to go and meet his parents we had pulled up the Build a Bear website to show her all the different kids of stuffed animals she could make. It only took a few seconds after seeing this pink teddy bear with pink hearts all over it to know that is the one she wanted. We tried to show her all the other animals in hopes that maybe she would change her mind but all she kept saying was, "I want the pink one with pink hearts." I was anxious to see what she was going to pick out. Once they got to Build a Bear Addison didn't see the pink bear with hearts so she had to pick something else out. Tim said it took her a little while but she finally decided on Hello Kitty. She had a great time picking out her outfit and seemed to really enjoy herself. Here are some pictures that Tim took since I couldn't make it.

Here she is with her new Hello Kitty named, Meow.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Shirley!


Emily Call said...

oh Kim, she is getting so grown up. She is absolutely adorable!

julie and john said...

What a cute idea! I bet she loved it! I love the Hello Kitty's name! Addy is such a doll!

The Royal Family said...

so so so so cute!

Rhonda said...

Love it!