Friday, October 26, 2007

A Classic Story

On Monday night my sweet, thoughtful, helpful husband (that's what I think now, but. . . not my exact thoughts Monday night.) Let me explain. Tim was going to get Addison ready for bed, he wanted to first give her a bath before he changed her into a new diaper and her PJ's. So I came upstairs to help him and I look in her room and I see Addison naked in her crib. So all of you moms can probably see why this would be a problem. I immediately say to Tim, "You can't just leave her naked in her crib. She is going to pee in there." Tim's reply is, "I was just putting her in there for a second. I already changed her diaper and I didn't want to put a clean one on her when we are putting her in the bathtub." (Which makes sense and I can see how Tim would think it was okay.) So I head into the bathroom to start filling up the bathtub. Tim brings in Addison and while I am getting her out of the tub I hear Tim say, "So don't be mad at me." I reply, "What's wrong?" hoping that maybe he isn't going to say what I think he is. He then tells me that Addison peed on her bumper pad, onto the dust ruffle and onto the carpet. "Are you kidding me?" (My exact words.) Tim was so cute, he said. "You should have felt her diaper when I changed it. It was so full, the fullest I think I have ever felt. I didn't think think there was anyway she could go anymore." I admit I did get a little upset, okay maybe or little more than a little. I just saw it happening right when I walked into her room and saw her standing there naked in her crib. Tim helpfully changed her crib sheet, cleaned the carpet and the bumper pad. This is quite a funny story, and I know there will be lots of great stories like these in the future. I am sooo grateful for Tim. He really helps out a ton, always changing diapers, he loves giving Addison a bath, playing with her, he is a terrific dad. We all have had times when we think to our self, it will just be for a minute, or I will just hurry and grab it etc. So if this didn't happen to Tim, it would have happened to me. After this story it reminded me of stories I have heard about kids taking off their not so clean diapers and smearing it everywhere. So really it could have been worse.

Well I thought I better tell a story that I did this week too. I was cooking dinner and I had dumped the noodles in the strainer and put the pot back on the stove. I know what's so bad about this story. Well. . . I didn't turn off the burner, and I put the empty dry pot back on the burner that was still on. Next thing I know the bottom of the pot was starting to burn. I know I am so smart. So I too mess up. But hey that's life, we learn from our mistakes.


Nielsens said...

Ha ha ha!! That is hilarious about Tim. I love husbands!

Family of 7 said...

My husband has done things like this more than once and has learned his lesson. Unfortunately my kids are ones to come up with stuff on their own. For example my 3 year old son has a bathroom connected to his bedroom but, decided it would be eaiser to pee in the lego bucket and his toy basket! The day before I had just had the carpets cleaned! So, be prepared for more wonderful messes children make!

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

I love that story. That is too funny. I made Mont listen to me read it to him. We were laughing.