Monday, October 1, 2007

Guess what?

I'm 11 months!!

{giggle giggle}

It is true, our sweet little girl is now 11 months. I honestly can't believe that she is going to be 1 at the end of this month. She is getting to be such a big girl.

Here are some of the things she loves to do:
  • Says Mama (She loves saying Mama! She says this a lot so sometimes I'm not sure that she realizes that she is talking about me.)

  • Follows mom everywhere (If I go into the kitchen...Addie crawls to find me.)

  • Loves to Dance (When she hears music, she will start to bend her legs and move up and down.)

  • Doesn't like to stay still (Which makes it really hard when you are trying to change her diaper.)

  • Knows how to come down the stairs and can get off the couch and our bed feet first. (I am always right behind her when she is climbing the stairs and of course right in front of her when she is coming down.)

  • Loves to clap

  • Still loves Peek a Boo (This can never get to old.)

  • Has started to stand on her own (she will only do this is she has something in her hands. Once she realizes that she is standing there, you see her quickly put her hand on the couch or coffee table.

She blesses our lives everyday. We love Addie so much, she is such a little sweetheart.


Jamie said...

She is darling Kim! They grow so fast! Did you get the notes Brian faxed?

Chad and Amy said...

Addie you are so cute! Happy 11 months!

Sorensen Family said...

Kim, I can't get enough of your little girl! She really is so darling.


Heather-Rita said...

She looks so beautiful in these photos...what a cutie!

Caryn said...

She is so cute! berk will NOT say Mama! If you tell him to he says DAD really loud and keeps saying it until you stop asking him to say mom, I think Rusty pays him to do it...