Monday, October 8, 2007

A Homemade Scarf

Saturday night after Tim headed out to go and watch the Priesthood session, I was trying to decide on what I wanted do. I got this great idea that I would make Addison a scarf. I went to the store picked up some yarn and felt. (The felt was to make the fun little flowers that I put on the scarf.) After I put Addison to bed I started crocheting. Since she is so small it didn't take me long to make it. So after I finished that scarf I decided to start making her another one. I ended up making three new scarves for her. Whether she wears them or not will be another story. Either way it was a great craft to do that weekend. Here is Addie sporting the Scarf I made her.

By the look on her face I am not quite sure how she feels about wearing it.


The Mauss Family said...

ARE YOU KIDDIN ME? SO CUTE! that is the picture you should sent into GAP! Kim- She is so cute!! Oh by the way, nice work on the scarf! Do boys wear scarfs? If so, you should make one for Walker:)

Chad and Amy said...

Kim - I love it! The scarf is so cute! I love the little flowers on it!

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

That is so cute. I am going to need you to show me how to do that. I love it!

Mauss Memories said... cute is that? You are so creative and I love your style!