Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Nogger

Where do I begin . . . Saturday we went to the The Nogger, it is the ultimate Christmas Party. Our friends started this fun little tradition 4 years ago, and this was our 3rd year attending this fabulous party. Everyone gets dressed in their "Holiday Best", we have dinner, a white elephant exchange and do some mingling while drinking a little egg nog, hence the name, "The Nogger". Now when I say our Holiday Best please don't get that confused with our nicest formal wear. We all search high and low to find the sweetest Christmas Sweaters/attire to sport around that evening. Luckily for Tim and I, Debby had some awesome extra pieces of clothing for us to wear that night.

Check us out, we all look pretty HOT!!

The Nielsen's
Check out those Legs!

The Barney's
Congratulations to Jake who won the best outfit this year!

Aren't these skirts the best!?!

The Guests

Thanks Debby and Jake for hosting this years Nogger! It was a fabulous party and we are already looking forward to next years party. I seriously can't help but laugh as I look at all our photos, they are Hilarious!


Chad and Amy said...

Oh my goodness, Chad would be so jealous of Tim's outfit. Chad has wanted a Christmas sweater for the last few years. You both look great!

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

That is one killer skirt you have on. I do have to give the prize to the guy that won. That is too funny!

Tori And Ryan said...

That is so great! It looks like a Christmas party right out of a 1960's book. You guys are awesome. What a fun tradition.

call family said...

ha ha ha. Funny! Kudos to you Tim for wearing that... Justin would never be caught dead in something like that. Oh, and a message to Nick, that is just wrong. :)