Monday, September 24, 2007

A Great Baby Shower Game!!

My friend, Gabrielle, made up the cutest baby shower game that we played at Kelly's baby shower. It was such a fun idea that I had to share it with everyone. Plus isn't everyone always up for new ideas, especially for when you are throwing a baby shower?

So here it is...

First you find fun baby pictures like these below. Print out the same number of photos as the number of guests. You will want to find a different photo for each guest.

Once printed out you can crop them and glue them on some cardstock or cute scrapbook paper. Then on the back of the card you put the following:

Photo Caption
(Write down a clever caption for the photo.)

(Write down a name that you think the new mom should use.)

What the name means
(Bring a name book that has the meanings of each name.)

Advice for the new Mommy
(Write down some great advice or tips for the new mom. )

Then have the soon to be Mom read them out loud.

Have Fun!!


melissa & corbin said...

kim, its melissa! i am so glad that you posted. we should totally get together soon with the kidos. email me again with your email address and i can email you when we are going to have a playgroup. talk to you soon.

melissa & corbin said...

my email is

The Mauss Family said...

That is awesome!! She would think of a good game! Who is going to have a baby next so we can play it?

Muranda said...

I am totally not a game person, but that is a really cute. I would totally do that one at a shower...those pictures are adorable.

Caryn said...

How cute!