Friday, September 14, 2007

Plastic Cups

The other day I had called Tim while he was driving home. I wanted to see how close he was to our house since we were having dinner with our neighbors at 6:00. He said that he was close, and that he bought me a surprise. Considering where he was at on the road, I thought about it for a few seconds, and then said, "Did you get a Slurpee?" (Tim LOVES Slurpees) He then proceeded to tell me that someone told him 7-11 was selling promotional plastic slurpee cups so he had to go and get one. He wanted me to guess what was on the plastic cup. I had no idea, he said it was coming out soon. So I just was thinking The Office, Grey's. He finally admitted to me that he would be way more excited then I would be. So it hit me, what has Tim been so excited for?. . . Halo 3. Yep, I was right the cup had Halo 3 on it. He also informed me that he was going to drink out of it when he plays Halo. So here is the reason for my post today.

Here is a little collection of our plastic cups. (we actually have 4 more Broncos cups, Tim goes to a game each year and will bring home his lovely cup.) The BYU and Halo 3 are the newest additions. First let me say, Tim is a sucker for what HE would call a collectible plastic cup. Tim is so funny, the little things that he finds joy out of. And yes, this is one of the many reasons why I love Tim. Tim hasn't always been a collector of plastic cups, it kinda just happened. It all started with the Broncos cups. He brought them home and we would . . . still do . . . drink out of them during the games. And you can't leave out the fact that we are also wearing our Broncos parafanailya. (oh yes that will be a future post, so stay tuned ) He breaks out the BYU cup when he is watching the away games, since he now goes to the home games. I am sure he will bring home a new cup from each home game he goes to. But now he has the Halo 3 cup to break out, when the new XBox game comes out. Isn't Tim so great!! You just have to love our husbands and the funny things they do.


Caryn said...

My hubby would love those Broncos cups, he was born in Denver. Love the Halo one too, has he seen the MTN Dew that has halo on it? We love it (the drink, not the game) at our house! How fun. My sis in law's be-fri and roommate @BYU is Max Hall's little sister, so they are at all the football games.

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

That is too funny.

The Mauss Family said...

NICE TIM! I guess that is better than having a hundred random plastic cups around - jake gets a 44 every morning!!! He better bring home another Broncos cup this year!