Monday, September 3, 2007

Can't get enough of the AF Canyon!

(AF aka American Fork.) Yes, we love driving through American Fork Canyon. Our first trip was on Tuesday, August 28th and since then we have been up there 3 times. I laughed a little when I realized we had been up there 3 times in less than a week. Tim enjoys taking pictures and he has been trying to teach himself some new things with his camera.

Labor Day Morning Tim and the guys (Chad, Jon, and Karter) woke up very early to drive up the canyon to take some pictures. Everyone woke up to the sound of their alarms, except for Jon. He was woken up by the sound of rocks being thrown at his window. Poor Jon, he forgot to set his alarm. And well, they couldn't just leave him, since he was driving and his car was packed with all the stuff to make breakfast. Yes breakfast, our cute Husbands thought it would be fun if the wives and kids came up so we could all have breakfast together in the canyons. It was a fabulous idea, we had so much fun hanging out, talking, and letting the kids explore. And to top it all off the Men even cooked, mostly Chad, Tim did dip the bread. (ha ha, How many men does it take to make french toast?) Totally kidding. You guys are great! Here is a group photo of all of us, you have to love the tripod!

From Left to right

The Bacons' (Seth, Michelle, Jon and Marcus), Us (Tim, Kim, and Addison), The Kimballs' (Ellie, Hannah, Luke and Karter), The Mabeys' (Abby, Elly, Amy, Chad, and Ally)


Caryn said...

Looks so fun! Hey I would drive through any canyon that actually had some GREEN in it anytime! I used to drive Little & Big Cottonwood in the fall cause it was just so dang pretty! I am jealous of the actual seasons there! Come on, admit it, you wish you could live where it was 115 25 days a month! Gross.

Chad and Amy said...

We had so much fun, thanks for the invite. Good job boys!

Bacons-Bits said...

Love the post! Too funny... and yes it was fun despite me forgetting to turn my alarm on!