Friday, November 23, 2007

Are you ready?!

After reading some of the recent posts, I feel that our blog needs a little less cute and crafts, and a lot more FOOTBALL! I recently returned from my annual mancation to Denver to watch my beloved Broncos, and I couldn't think of a better way to make my first official post. So let's get's started!

Jon and I flew in Saturday and decided instead of watching the BYU game at the ESPN Zone, we would go to Invesco Field and get a tour of the stadium. We toured some of the suites, the broadcast booth where Monday Night Football was setting up, the visiting locker room, and we were even able to go down onto the field.

Drew came in to town Saturday night, and we decided to go over to one of the local hangouts to play some pool. While we were playing, none other than Carmelo Anthony walked in with some friends and started bowling right next to us. He even came over, and watched us playing pool. After a few head nods, he returned to his friends, but he stayed just long enough to be taught a few lessons.

Sunday we woke up and went to church, hoping such an act would help insure a Broncos victory. I'm kidding of course, although when I was 12, I was convinced that if I left church early, the Broncos would surely lose!

Chad arrived later that day, and we then took off for the ESPN Zone. For those of you who have never been to an ESPN Zone, think 20 tv's all playing different games, arcade games, basketball hoopes, good food, and best of all, TV's above every urinal and stall in the bathrooms! Sweet! After eating, we played enough games to make us sore the next morning!

We woke up Monday to birds chirping. Not really, but that's how glorious of a day it was! Not only were we within hours of kickoff, but the weather was in the 70's! Instead of wearing all the winter gear I had packed, I would have been better suited wearing shorts to the game! We played a little more pool that day, but basically just to pass the time. We arrived to the game 3 hours early, which sounds really early, but it goes by fast. The first hour is when you take some pictures, look at all the crazy tailgaters, and watch the players walk in. You can also enter the Broncos shop and get your souvenirs. At the 2 hour mark, the gates opened, you can go check out your seat, watch the players warm up, find a bite to eat, buy souvenirs, etc. Before you know it, the stadium is packed, and they're singing the national anthem.

This was the first Monday Night Football game that I have been to, and the atmosphere was a little more lively and vibrant than the day games that I had previously attended. Not only did they pass out the usual orange pom poms, but they also gave out Broncos beanies, and orange sponge like rectangles (yeah, I don't know what they were for, although they did work as a good spongie to wipe away all the beer that was spilled on the floor by the guys sitting behind us).

The Broncos looked really good to begin the game, scoring on a 48 yard pass play, and also a 80 yard punt return. In the second quarter, I left our seats to go take some pictures. I really wanted to get some good shots of the stadium. so I wallked all the way up to the 5th level, and started shooting. Here's one of my pictures I took:

The game itself ended up being as good or better than I could have hoped for. There were a lot of big plays, and the Bronocs really looked good. In the end, the Broncos prevailed 34-20, bringing the Broncos record when I am in attendance to 4-2. It also put them back at .500 and into a tie for the division lead.

After the game, we ran in to this kid who had Vince Young's shoe. When VY was leaving the field, he took off one of his shoes and threw it into the stands. The guy who caught the shoe turned to a kid nearby and gave it to him. "You at least have a chance to grow into it", he said. There's a Broncos fan for you!

As we were walking out, I decided to try this picture. I was uncertain how it would turn out, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Overall, it was a great trip, and I look forward to next year! In parting, I will recite the Broncos moto:

I am a Bronocs fan.

I believe in Mile High magic and bleed orange and blue.

I celebrate the Orange Crush, The Drive, and the Mile High Salute.

I create the thunder, share the common dream, and will forever be a proud citizen of


Here a few more pictures:


call family said...

sounds like you guys had a good time. Justin is very jealous that you guys got to go to a Broncos game. He is a huge Broncos fan... I, however, am only a fan because of marriage. ha ha. I am not really into sports.

Nick and Laura Nielsen said...

Awesome! You explained the whole event perfectly. I'm glad you had a great time!

Caryn said...

Oh, this post make me proud. I married into the Broncos family as well, Rusty was born in CO and his Dad played football there in college! Go Broncos. When both of my boys were still babies our family there made sure to send them both a jersey so they wouldn't become Cardinals fans by default!

Justin and Jill said...

Don't let Justin see this! He may get some new ideas about attending NFL games in addition to BYU games! By the way, Kim, your blog looks so cute!
Thanks again for the cute pictures and Christmas cards!

The Mauss Family said...

It looks like so much fun Tim - Jake for sure missed out. Maybe next year:) I love that you put the Broncos modo on there!! Marc will appreciate this!! Good times

Cam and Mary said...

Tim, you are so funny! I still remember the picture of you and Marlon on Christmas morning in your Broncos uniforms. I'm glad you get to live out some of your dreams, and Kim deserves something for letting you leave her and Addie at home! It's a good thing you have a sweet wife! Love ya!

Bacons-Bits said...

Great pics Tim! Thanks for the call up from the D-League to come to the big game! It was good times in Denver!