Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best Game EVER!!

Sequence is the best game EVER, Hands down!! We seriously LOVE this game and will play it any chance we get. For instance, we love squeezing in a few games right after church or before the kids go to bed with our friends the Mabeys' and the Bacons'. So you might be wondering why we love this game so much. Well here are my top ten reasons why I love it, and why I love playing it with Tim.

10-You can play this game with only two people.

9- It is fast and easy to set up and clean up.

8- You don't have to concentrate real hard, unless you have a child on your lap trying to grab all your cards and chips.

7- The game moves really fast- unless you play with Tim. So if you are ever confused on who's turn it is, you can just assume it's Tim's because he is never ready.

6- Tim will try to cheat, but we always catch him.

5-You can rotate teammates and keep a scorecard to see who really is the best player/partner. (thanks Chad and Amy for the great idea) You can also put an asterisk next to someones win, if you feel like it wasn't really deserved.

4-If you do something really funny or memorable, it will go down in sequence lore, and be retold every time we get together and play. (e.g., Amy putting down a chip and saying sequence when there really isn't a sequence, or Jon telling a story when it's his turn and removing a chip that didn't need to be removed, and one of our most favorite memorable things said is by our friend Ed. I need to give the background first. After several games, Tim and Ed finally won one. Ed went to the bathroom and when he came out he said, " Wow Tim that felt good!" We all busted out laughing. He meant that it finally felt good to win a game.

3- As you are waiting for your turn, you can tap the chips on the table so it will roll away and then roll back to you. Except if you are at the Mabey's house. Chad will say, "DON'T DO THAT."

2-If you ask Tim if you are playing with him he will say, "If you want to win you are!"

1- And last is if Tim happens to loose every game but the last one it never fails to hear him say at the end of the night, " It looks like I'm still undefeated!"

If you don't have this game I suggest you get it. If you have it and don't play it then break it out. Or let me know if you happen to just love this game too. We love games and are always up for new suggestions, so let me know what your favorite game is.


Studio A La Mode said...

I've played sequence with my family. It is my mom's favorite game. I am not much into it, but I do love the game Balderdash! there have been some good times with Sequence, as we usually have all our family there when we play it.

Caryn said...

That is one of our staple Snowbird games, since that is about the only time we are all together and in a game playing mood! How fun, I never thought of playing with just 2 players tho...

Tori And Ryan said...

Believe it or not, my family is like the "game family" we are always playing games, yet I have not even heard of Sequence. We will have to go and buy it. Some of mine and Ryan's favorite games are "Things" "Scrabble" and "Scatagories". Highly recommend "Things" if you're up for a good laugh.

The Mauss Family said...

ha ha! I can totally picture Tim cheating and you catching him - "Tim we can't talk to each other during the game." "oh yeah, sorry kim" ha ha!! I do love a good game of Sequence - lets do a game night. We haven't seen one of those in a LOOOONG time!

Muranda said...

Thanks for the tip... I have never played it. Maybe we could get together sometime. **Warning..Adam gets really into games.

Chad and Amy said...

Oh my goodness, you couldn't have explained our Sunday afternoons any better! We love playing Sequence! Thanks for the good games! Hey Tim did you notice only Chad,you and I are the ones who make mistakes? Interesting Kim! We love it!