Friday, August 31, 2007

A Simple Task...

First off, let me start out by saying this was supposed to be a simple post. Addison is 10 months today and I thought I would take one cute picture of her, post it on the blog, list some things she likes, and ta da, done. It sounds so simple, Right?. . . Boy was I wrong. I thought most of you can probably relate to this scenario, so I thought it would be fun to show you my journey of trying to get this one little picture.

So here's the story. Addison wakes up from her nap. I change her out of her PJ's and into her outfit for the day. Since I want to take her picture, I put on her baby bling headband. (First off Addison doesn't really like to wear headbands anymore and always pulls them off. If I ever want her to wear one I end up putting it back on her at least 5 times, until I just give up and she doesn't wear it. Yes, even after this knowledge I still attempt to put it on in hopes that she will wear it.(Again, Wishful thinking.) Here are some pics of her taking off the headband.

As you can see there is no way she is going to wear it.

After finally giving up on Addison wearing her headband, I again start to proceed with trying to get that perfect shot. Of course Addison is not cooperating. (At least what I consider cooperating, Addison is just wanting to explore.) I sit her down and before I can grab the camera she is off. I then decide to just let her go where she wants, assuming that she will eventually stop somewhere and then I can quickly take her picture. So here is where she stopped.

At her car seat. Why? you ask.

Because she loves playing with the button that clasps the straps in.

After trying to distract her to stop playing with her car seat, she finally crawls away to find her toy keys. I will admit it was cute watching her play with those keys. They make noise when you move them. Addison would swing them around and then start to laugh.

Now after all of the crawling around, playing with her car seat, playing with the keys ( and many more obstacles that I didn't write about) She finally looks over at me with the biggest smile. SNAP, I take the picture and that was it, I was finished. So here it is.

Our little sweetheart, 10 months today.

I'm not quite sure how long I followed her around trying to take her picture. I lost track of time after 30 minutes. I did enjoy watching her crawl all around, stopping to play with toys, and watching her be her funny crazy self. I do have to say thanks to digital cameras for making this photo shoot so memorable, being able to delete all the 50 pictures of Addison turning her head away, being able to view them to know that I didn't get the picture I wanted, and being able to immediately download them instead of having to wait to get them developed.


Chad and Amy said...
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Chad and Amy said...

Okay I didn't mean to erase the first post. But Happy 10 months Addison! You are so cute! We love the digital camera too, our girls never sit still.

Caryn said...

Ok, she is so cute! Our babies are just days apart! She is so cute, and don't worry she will get the hang of posing. Braden (the older one) now just knows if he sits and smiles good once he gets to be done! Perfect , she is a doll!

Muranda said...

Seriously, can she get any cuter? Can you believe that they are 10-months already? They learn so much every day!

The Mauss Family said...

oh my - Kim she is so dang cute! Hilarious she loves to play with the car seat buckle! I can't believe she is almost 1 - time has gone by so fast!!

Mont, Becky & Bailey James said...

She is so dang cute! I felt like I was reliving Bailey's 10 month photo shot reading yours. Too funny.