Friday, August 17, 2007

If you won't put me to bed then I will!

So Addison's bedtime is usually right around 8:00. Tim has been in Atlanta for work since Monday and was getting home tonight. His plane was supposed to arrive at 6:20, which then I am thinking he will be home oh the latest 7:30. So 7:30 comes around and no Tim. I tried to call his cell phone but it was still turned off. So I got on the computer to check his flight and sure enough his flight was delayed and didn't take off until after 5. It showed his flight would be arriving at 7:40. So by this time Addison is starting to get tired. I am trying really hard to keep her up for her dad, I know she will be so excited to see him, and I know Tim really missed her and wants to see her too. So now it's after eight and I am trying to keep her happy. She is crawling everywhere. Her new thing is to climb over to our stairs and pull herself up on the side of the steps and walk holding on to each step. Next thing I know she has crawled over to find the front of the stairs. My parents had asked me if Addison was climbing stairs yet. I hadn't even thought about it. I wondered if she would even know what to do? So the other day I had put her in the middle of the stairs her soothie on the next step (she thinks her soothie is a toy not a Binky) and she started to climb up the rest of the stairs trying to get her soothie. Since then, she hasn't ever really been interested in going over to the front part of the stairs until tonight. So there she was sitting in front of the stairs. Next thing I know she is going for it. So of course before she started to climb I was already right behind her. I followed her as she climbed each step all the way to her room. It was so funny. I couldn't believe it. I felt like she was trying to tell me that she was tired and if I wasn't going to put her to bed then she would. But even after that and with all the eye rubbings, I still kept her up.

She was excited to see her dad she forgot how tired she was and didn't go to bed until 9:30. All she wanted to do was to play and hang out with him.
I am so happy to have Tim home. We missed him so much. I especially felt bad for Addison. I think she was starting to get bored with me by the end of the day. Tim is such a great dad and always plays with Addison when he gets home. I love watching them play together. They have that sweet daddy daughter relationship, that I see with a lot of dads and their daughters.

Sorry for the long story. I would have tried to shorten it, but I don't think short and stories can go in the same sentence for me!


Chad and Amy said...

Welcome Home Tim! We love Addison! She is so dang cute! I can't believe how much she is changing lately!

Caryn said...

So fun! Berk has just discovered our stairs, thanks in part to his trouble maker big brother. But I won't let me at them just yet, for my own sanity I still love the baby gates! She looks super cute though!

Mont & Becky James said...

She is too sweet! That picture of her with Tim is so dang cute. I love it!