Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Fun

Friday night we met Tim's family in Layton for Dinner. Tim's grandparents were here visiting from California, and we were excited to get together with everyone and visit. Can you believe that of all the picture taker's in Tim's family, that no one had a camera?! With or without a photo, we had a great time seeing and visiting with you, Poppa and Shirley. We hope you have a great time at Dale and Margaret's.

Saturday. . . our usual routine, wake up, have breakfast. Then around 8:30- 9:00 Tim will go outside and weed and mow the lawn. Our afternoons are usually up in the air. Huge Shock though when Tim asked me if I wanted to go shopping. What?. . . . Do you really need to ask? OF COURSE I do!!! Little to my surprise it was because Tim wanted to get some new jeans. Oh well, any chance I can get to go shopping I will take it. I ended the night with our monthly Bounty Cove GNO. For the last two months we have gone to a movie. We go to movies that we know our husbands don't want to see. For example Tim had asked what movie we were going to see. After I told him he said, "Why don't you guys ever go to a good movie?" So you see it's a win win situation. Right?. . . I mean, I think we are actually doing them a favor by not making them take us, and make them have to sit through a chick flick. This month we went and saw Becoming Jane. I loved it!! It was a great flick, and I highly recommend it. After seeing it we all agreed that we wanted to go home and watch Pride and Prejudice. (Oh how I love that movie, yes the 6 hour one!) Well it was a great way to end the weekend. Thanks to all our great Husbands who stayed home and watched the kids while we went out.

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Caryn said...

Love GNO! DO you all play Bunco up there, that is my big girls night thing and I love it, and movie group would be great too thoug. The movie was soooo good!