Monday, August 6, 2007

A trip to the Gardens

Saturday we decided to go to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We hadn't been to the Gardens since the Tulip Festival. We were so amazed at how beautiful it is was there. The flowers are so pretty and colorful right now. If you haven't been there for a while I definitely think you should go. There are lots of great places to take pictures, especially with your kids. We are planning to go back again soon. We didn't spend as much time there as we wanted because it was so dang hot. Yeah, going to the gardens at 1:00 wasn't the smartest thing to do. I wouldn't recommend it.

See ya later!
(I think this picture is cute of Addison
because it looks like she is waving.)


Chad and Amy said...

Tim and Kim you guys take amazing pictures! We love them all! We are very jealous!

Goodrich's said...

Kim... its Stacie from New Freedom forever ago. I've never seen pictures of your daughter... but she is sooo cute!!! I love all the pictures you have of her. Good to see your blog, you fam is adorable.